Angel’s – Wonderful Dream

Angel’s – Wonderful Dream – 10.05.08 – 6:42 AMNow this is an Angel’s Dream. That is the theme of the dream, so read on if you are interested. Now most of you read my last post on the some inside believe in God and some don’t. I know that sounds odd to some of you and the rest of you understand given the huge varying degrees of folks who reside in this body. BTW, I discovered two more NEW folks. That is another post.

The dream was SO interesting to me. The first part was messed up and its best described as my mind’s way of saying I am so violated and disgusted with the events with Shannon as of late. Seriously, I have lost some respect for him. But anyway…

The rest of the dream was NEAT. Most of you know I am in a group online that deals with all sorts of things occult and being open minded enough to learn, if you so wish. Well I am taking a lot of varying courses and being so shocked at just how much I know and am willing to learn. If any of you get interested in seeing about these things, just holler at me and I’ll hook you up, but it does require you to be so open minded and not pushy about your own personal views. There is a way of being firm in beliefs and there is a way of being so disrespectful that you will get kicked out. Luckily, I’m open minded enough that all I ever asked was that no one challenge me to give up my faith and faith in Angels for sure. The reason is because these two things are what has kept me alive over the years when nothing else can. Now this faith (given inner crew) means accepting a higher power or some universe out there that has some impact on what you do. Positive thinking, positive visulalization, and positive wishes are such realms of power and it works.

Now onto the dream. Hold onto your hats, as it was a doozy. Now given my stuides and stuff and the varying degrees of my dreams – I will say there is another life in dreams. I’ve never made it a secret of calling it astral traveling or astral projecting. Well in dreams, you can also end up in a “school” of learning and you do learn from anyone/everything. Case in point, is those dreams of being in military and helping/seeing events going on that later turn to be real because I was there in some sense. I love this part of my life. Not the bad awful horrid dreams, but the helping and having a life outside what I have here physically as it sucks badly sometimes. Last night, I was taught by Angels. I can’t remember all of the dream, but I remember what is most important. I was here with Shannon and Brent and I dunno what we were doing, but in the school of learning on the other side, we were learning something and I know Brent was asking me to do some Reiki, because he didn’t believe in it and he “sampled” it and he suggested that I try to master/specialize in it and see about using it to make an honest living instead of just being with my SSI.

Now that sends pure fear through me. I know in the dream, I mentioned not having minded it, but sometimes I have such social situation issues that makes being around strangers hell. I still cannot pinpoint if its the emapthy part of me, or if its the whole realms of thoughts that go through my mind that makes OCD a factor. Ya know, germs, safety issues, trust issues, and the inability to flee should I feel the need to do so. I HATE so much being trapped anywhere without anyway out. (Which is a factor in the telehell crap.)

But anyway in the dream, I guess I was testing a theory out with the boys or something as I just remember talking around and I had some chalkboard here with chalk. Well as we were talking, I happened to glance at the board and there was writing on it and it was not done by Shannon, Brent, or I. That was freaky and a bit spooky. I mean to be there and have something going on while you did not physically see the chalk move, but it did… So I was talking the opportunity to ask questions and I was getting responses. Sometimes in the dream, I would write a question and we would get answers back within a minute but we couldn’t watch the board. It’s that sense of a watched pot won’t boil. Then, a neat idea hit me. If it can work on the chalkboard (In the dreams) what about it working on the computer. Why not type out my questions and then leave it to be, so they can type on my computer and answer me back that way. I was even suggesting about it through cell phones in text messages. Well in the dream, they said they could do it. They could have us writing questions and they would type back answers and even get ahold of you through cellphones if its major enough. Hell, in the dream I was getting a few text messages and I remember one was clearly saying, “Ok.” And it was from the sender of, “Beacon.” Short for Beacon Of Light. I was fascinated in the dream that I was so happy, after I got over my first few freaked out moments as I felt somewhat violated that something was going on without my consent ya know. But I woke up.

I woke up and realized that most of this could not happen, but the cellphone part could happen. I mean you hear Angel stories (if you are interested) of people getting saved and so on. I was just so happy to have had this dream. No one can take this away from me. So argue all you want, but you cannot make me stop believing in Angels. I even asked my Psychic friend if God ever got mad because I would talk/trust Angels more than I would trust him because I was SO mad at God for a lot of things. She said no, that God did not ever get mad because he understands the pain and trust issues. Which is my line of thinking too, but when you hear some folks who are so die-hard religious challenge these things – well it makes me reject Christianity of churches and organized religion. Sorry, but it does. My thinking always been how I was told that it was supposed to be a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so why bring the church into it ya know? Even Tori believes in that thought process and she’s supposed to be the most faith based person inside here.

But anyway – wasn’t that a lovely dream? For those of you who were interested enough to read and actually read it – Thank you.

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