Seizure – 01.30.09 – 4:12 PMI know this is terrible of me and I should not post such cliff hangers, but I need to vent a few little things and get it out before I can just find time to sit down and get it all out of my system. I guess one can say its not a safe place at the moment.

On Tuesday night – sometime after 9:30 pm, but before 11 pm Shannon had a seizure. I was there and I had Betty call Rescue Squad. They came and we were in the ER until 4 am Wednesday, when we got a hold of his friend Billy to come get us from the ER and bring us back to his house.

Since then, I’ve been doing some driving, not happily or willingly, but someone has to do it. Shannon and I cannot figure, for the life of us, what in the hell brought this on – outside of his stupidity to not get his seizure meds and diabetic meds. Now mind you, the being off meds was MONTHS, so no clue… as to why NOW of all times to have a seizure.

That is all I can say right now. There is no time for the rest, but I got the most I can say for the time being and I’ll try to do a full entry later.

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